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Genuine Tastes is a company of organic drying, packaging and standardization of fruit and vegetables, based in Kiato, Corinth.

The company exists since 2013 and since then has promoted very special products such as apple chips, raisins on the vine, black garlic, unsalted and unbrined olives and others. Our philosophy is to process fruits and vegetables in such a way that the final result keeps its “Genuine Flavor” as much as possible!

Finally, we launched the semi-diried products on the market. Our semi-dried products are one stage before their final drying, thus keeping their original feel  in taste and texture. Also, with the conservation method we have developed, these products are preserved safe from microorganisms. Our dried and semi-dried products have as a component only the product itself and a shelf life of at least one year of their packaging.

2. The team

We are a family business, with Greek headquarters, using Greek raw material. 

Genuine Tastes” is the vision of our founder Dr. Michalis Tsamparlis, Astrophysicist at the University of Athens. The implementation of the project came from Dimitris Tsamparlis, economist at Piraeus University, son of Michalis Tsamparlis. Besides the personal work of both of them, the company managed to get substance with the support of the whole family, and 5 years after its founding it has established itself for its quality and its distinct products. 

3. Our products and services

We provide a wide range of products and services for professionals in the field as well as for end users.

In addition to the standard products we have as a company, we provide drying, packaging and standardization services to producers across Greece. We also produce on request dried fruits and vegetables for food industries, e.g. Dried orange slices or lemon slices, powdered vegetables, etc. Ask us if you have any interest!

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