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Tuna in Wonderland

Tuna in Wonderland

Tuna In Wonderland In our new dish, the protagonist is the tuna fillet, which, listening to the whistling of the hare eating colored carrots, was found in the garden with the mushrooms bunashimeji. Walking a little further, he came across the purple river of Peruvian potatoes. So, he made a float of baby peppers and […]


Blue Octopus – Kraken

Kraken: sea creature that looks like a giant octopus and belongs to the Scandinavian urban myths. He inspired Wern in his novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and many saw it in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” as a monster that haunts the seas. This mythical creature was our inspiration for today’s dish, with […]

reggae rissoto

Reggae Risotto with tomato, turmeric and zucchini

Reggae Risotto – Moderate difficulty This risotto is inspired by our love for raustafari and reggae culture. A way of life that Bob Marley made known to the general public, who speaks of love and peace. Like the reggae flag, our dish follows the green, red and yellow colors. As for the colors of the […]

Sea bream en papillote

Sea bream en papillote (4 servings) We need : 4 sea breams 5 carrots 4 zucchini   4 Dried red onions   White truffle oil or olive oil   1 clove of black garlic per fish   Dill   Oregano   Estragon   Rosemary   5 Lime Preparation   Cut the head and tail from […]

Linguini black garlic

Linguini recipe with beetroot cream, tuna and black garlic

For the linguini recipe with beetroot cream, black garlic, tuna, zucchini, capers and feta we will need: 1 pack of linguine (total) * 3-4 green zucchini Kapari Feta Anise Rakomelo or brandy 2 cloves Black garlic Genuine Tastes Fish dough or 1 cube of vegetables 3 tablespoons turmeric 1 lime Salt and pepper For the […]

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