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Vegan “magiritsa”. A traditional Easter dish!

As Easter is very close to us, today’s article could not fail to present a recipe for the most festive dish, the “magiritsa”. Holy Saturday is approaching, usually the kitchen will have the strong smell of vinegar and the bowls will be full of not so tempting ingredients to create it. It is one of […]


Lagana bread with raisins

What do you think about the idea of ​​lagana stuffed with raisins? The tradition of lagana bread plays a leading role on the fasting table of Lent Monday. Its history goes back to the whole nutritional tradition from ancient times until today. Its recipe has remained unchanged through the centuries.It is crispy, crunchy and consumed […]


A different kind of burger, by Genuine Tastes

Are you ready for a different burger? Do you like burgers, but are bored with the classics? Genuine Tastes is here to offer you a recipe that the black garlic among with chickpeas play the leading role, not a beef. Remember how beneficial it is to our health? If not, it doesn’t matter! Here are […]

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day – Celebrate with a cheese plate

Genuine Tastes could not be more present on the day dominated by red, eroticism and smile. Today’s article, however, is not about love, but how to impress and make you even more loved! So on this day there can be no shortage of wine, preferably rosé, that will accompany an impressive plate of Genuine Taste! […]



Our product “OLON SERIES – GREEN APPLE CHIPS” was distinguished with a maximum of 3/3 stars, in the Blind Tasting Competition of 7tH EXPOTROF Through a process, where tasting judges rate without knowing what product they are consuming, our apple chips received three stars, the highest distinction in the competition. The purpose of this process […]


Are you a fan of good food? Do you feel entertained when you eat a dish with a taste you haven’t tasted again and it melts in your mouth? For the fifth consecutive year, the Athens Gastronomic Week entitled “Dine Athens” is here and, if you answered “yes” to the above questions, you are interested […]

Raisins on the Vine - Dried Sultaninas

December – Month of the Christmas

December, so lets welcome it with the most impressive plateau. Many of us love this month because it marks the countdown to Christmas. It is a celebration that is characterized by gifts, smiles and bright tables. But are you also anxious about what you will prepare for, and especially if you will also prepare yourself? […]

Black Friday as we say Black Garlic?

This week, prepares us for the Black Friday countdown! For those who don’t know it, Blck Friday is the unofficial name of the day following Thanksgiving in the US. The day that is considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Attempts have been made by retailers to introduce “Black Friday” to other countries around […]

energy bars

Do you also like healthy snacks?

If so then the following article is what you were looking for! It is about the “marriage” of the dried fruit of the company Genuine Tastes with the energy bars of Nutree. Genuine Tastes is a purely family-based, Greek-based business using only greek raw material. It is considered the vision of our founder Dr. Michael […]

black garlic

Black Garlic – A new delicious superfood

Greek Cuisine and Black Garlic Although there are many commonalities among Greek gastronomic traditions it is difficult to establish a representative list of dishes. An essential ingredient of our cuisine is garlic, which is known both for its taste and for its medicinal properties. But what happens when white garlic turns black naturally?   What is […]

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