December – Month of the Christmas

Raisins on the Vine - Dried Sultaninas

December, so lets welcome it with the most impressive plateau. Many of us love this month because it marks the countdown to Christmas. It is a celebration that is characterized by gifts, smiles and bright tables.

But are you also anxious about what you will prepare for, and especially if you will also prepare yourself?

Genuine Tastes have the solution to something impressive, but also easy and fast. Of course we are referring to the raisins on the vine or otherwise the new raisin! It is a treat ready to surprise everyone with its unique appearance and its sweetness.

The raisins on the vine originates from Korinthos. It is cut at the zenith of its ripeness, which mean it has more flesh and is sweeter than the usual raisin. It contains no additives and after natural drying the fruit has been preserved in semi-mixed form. Each bunch is carefully cut and hand washed. It has been placed in the special drying units by ourselves, packing it one by one. It is large in size and does not contain pits. When you try it you will see for yourself how authentic the taste is.

It is known that the grape is called a “happy creation of nature”. It is rich in potassium, iron and vitamins A, B, and C, while its peel contains the valuable herbal component resveratol. At the same time, it contains flavonoids, known as vitamin P, which, in addition to cardio-protective action, are also used in the treatment of various infections.

So to steal the impression at the festive tables, today’s serving suggestion could be nothing more than a plateau of varied dishes starring the bunch of grapes!

Week Suggestion:

1 raisins on the vine in the center of the plate

250 grams of aged Gruyere Crete or Naxos, cut into cubes

250 grams of smoked cheese

150 grams of blue cheese, such as roquefort

1 pack of semi-finished figs

1 bowl of apricot jam or some chatney

1/2 cup of walnuts on the side

After this plateau we think you will conquer even your most demanding guest! We hope your December to be the most amazing month of the year! Have a great time!

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