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If so then the following article is what you were looking for! It is about the “marriage” of the dried fruit of the company Genuine Tastes with the energy bars of Nutree.

Genuine Tastes is a purely family-based, Greek-based business using only greek raw material. It is considered the vision of our founder Dr. Michael Tsamparlis and the project was implemented by his son, Dimitris Tsamparlis. The company has been in existence since 2013, having since marketed particular codes, such as apple chips, raisins on the vine and black garlic.

Our philosophy is to process fruits and vegetables in such a way that the end result is to keep it as authentic as possible. The main goal is to promote and support a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet.

The purpose of the business was decisive to close the partnership with Nutree. Nutree is made up of two friends and partners with a common vision to create the first Greek brand.
Their goal is to incorporate healthy snacks from pure and authentic raw materials into our daily lives, no matter how intense the pace of life. Their main inspiration is the wealth of the Greek land and in combination with their passion they managed to create innovative taste combinations.

So what snack could there be with the merger of these two companies? Of course, a handmade bar in which apple chips play a leading role!
Nutree’s energy bars are natural raw materials that have not undergone any heat treatment to keep all of their nutrients intact (vitamins and minerals). They offer rich natural energy from nuts and dried fruits, which is the only sweetening source of these products.

It makes sense, then, not to miss the naturally dried apple chips. Made from the most juicy apples, a snack that is healthy but at the same time delicious. Without added salt, sugar or fried.

If you are hungry, then  you have nothing left to do, try the Apple Cinnamon Energy Bar. The classic taste of everyone of all ages in its most authentic and wholesome version!
Contains 100% Greek apples naturally dried to give the maximum of their vitamins and beneficial properties. It’s ready to taste it!
Essential ingredients: dates, almonds, dried olon green apple chips, walnuts, natural apple extract, cinnamon, clove and oat fiber.

It is so delicious in itself that we have no recipe for this week! Enjoy and look forward to hearing your impressions!

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