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Dried figs: A superfood with history!


Dried figs, a real superfood with an exquisite taste that we can enjoy all hours of our day. Among the first foodies who appreciated their virtues are the Ancient Greeks, who made sure to include them in their diet. Since then, their production and consumption in our country has never stopped. Arriving today, Genuine Tastes dynamically brings them back to the fore, proposing two new half-dried versions of them using the method of biological drying.


Dried figs in the ancient Greek diet

The position of dried figs in the heart and… symposiums of the Ancient Greeks, but also of the Byzantines later, were special. They served them mainly as dessert on their table, immediately after eating the appetizer, main course and wine. Many times they were accompanied with nuts, just as we enjoy them nowadays.

One of the main factors that enhanced their spread in Greece, in addition to their wonderful taste, is the prosperity of the deciduous fig tree. Thus, the ancient Greeks produced them and enjoyed them from the edge of the country, from the Aegean to the Ionian Sea and from Central Greece and the Peloponnese to Crete. It is worth noting that the oldest surviving dried figs were found in a excavation of a Minoan mansion in Sternes of Akrotiri Chania and date back to between 14o and in the 13th century BC


Dried figs: 9+1 reasons to include them in our diet

In any case, our ancient ancestors had realized their rich nutritional value. Today, however, we can accurately identify the benefits of dried figs in both health and taste. But what are all those reasons why it is worth including them in our daily lives?

  • It is rich in vitamins and trace elements

Dried figs are rich in sugars, iron, folic acid, potassium, selenium and calcium. They still contain small amounts of vitamin A and C.

  • They cleanse our body of toxins

Thanks to their fibers, they contribute to the removal of harmful toxins from our body.

  • Contribute to our good physical health

It is an alkaline food that helps our body maintain its pH to normal levels and increase its vitality.

  • They are an excellent choice for people with anaemia

Due to the significant amount of iron and folic acid they contain, they are an ideal tasty choice for people with anaemia, pregnant or lactating.

  • Fight constipation

Daily consumption of three fresh or dried figs a day naturally helps to alleviate the problem.

  • They are kept for a long time

A prerequisite for this is to keep them in a cool dry place or in our refrigerator, so that they retain their soft texture.

  • They are eaten every moment of the day!

Enjoy them individually as snacks at work or at home, at any time of the day you wish and fill with energy.

  • They are ideal accompaniments for cheese platters

Combining them with gruyere, liquid myzithra, sevre and other goat cheeses is simply magical, offering your palate a special enjoyable experience.

  • They fit into many sweet and savory recipes

Dried figs can accompany your chicken or salads, they come as a filling in meats, and you can enjoy them in cookies, tarts or truffles.

+1. They are ideal for those on a diet

Dried fruits, thanks to their fiber content, create a feeling of saturation. In addition, their calories are minimal. That’s why they are highly recommended to those who watch their diet.

Enjoy the semi-knew organic figs with the signature of Genuine Tastes

If reading the above text you were born the desire to enjoy dried figs, then we have two tasty suggestions with the quality of Genuine Tastes that will amaze you. These are:

  • Organic Semi-Syca

Dried without any chemical process, they retain a higher moisture content than usual on the market. In addition, they are offered whole and not cut in half. Thus, their taste and aroma is up to three times more intense and intense. They are produced in fertile Corinthian land with biodynamic cultivation.

Get to know them here.

  • The Organic Semi-Dried Royal Figs

As their name attests, they belong to the variety “Vasilika” (Royal) and are produced organically in Markopoulos Attica. They contain no ingredient other than royal fig.

Get to know them here.

Enjoy your favorite figs on their own or combine them with the daily table and launch it. Place your orders online at or visit your nearest partner store today.

Have a good time!


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