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Dried food. Method of preservation since ancient times

Drying Food from Antiquity

Food preservation methods have been used since the beginning of time to preserve food for future use. There are many ways people have discovered to keep food and drink safe from bacteria and lesions. These methods range in complexity from simple ones, such as sun drying or salting, to advanced ones, such as using temperature control to create a vacuum seal.

A common practice for crops in tropical and subtropical areas is for dried fruits, vegetables and fish to use and grated as condiments. In times of shortage, dried foods were also important as famine foods around the world. Drying is one of the first methods of preserving food for trade or storage by both non-literate societies and literate cultures. The purpose of food preservation by drying was not purely gastronomic. We may have set out to make the highest product we can, be tasty, nutritious and preserve as many of its good ingredients as possible, but in the past it was just a matter of survival. You’ll either have food in the winter, or you won’t.

Different techniques for drying food

One of the most popular methods for drying food is solar drying. This is a process that uses ambient heat and sunlight to dry food. Solar drying can last a few days, depending on food size, humidity levels, temperature and availability of sunlight.

Another method for drying food is the use of an oven or microwave oven. These methods are quick but may not produce quality results because they do not remove all moisture from food and allow pathogens to grow more easily.

In Genuine Tastes we use advanced dryers of our own technology. Taking advantage of our know-how in the manufacture of dryers and our experience in drying fruits and vegetables, we have built chambers where we completely control the conditions and use them either as dryers or as maturation chambers, for our products such as black garlic. We undertake drying and packaging for third parties. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in drying your production

What are the benefits of dried fruit and why are they popular worldwide?

Dried foods are the most popular foods in the world and there are many reasons for this. First of all, keep in mind that they’ve been around for millennia. The Egyptians dried meat and fruit for storage, while Native Americans created methods of grinding corn in a meal before drying it to create a kind of cornmeal that will last for a long time without spoiling.

Dried foods are light, making them a perfect choice for travelers or backpacks that need less weight. They can be stored and stacked easily without taking up too much space or spoiling quickly if they are not kept away from heat, water or sunlight. How much easier than to carry a mix of nuts in a bag with you in the sea!

The drying process of the fruit as we said, removes all the liquid from the fruit, which in turn removes the weight of the water and sugars. Instead, they are left with natural sweetness and flavor. So it’s a healthy alternative to other snacks that many yearn for as a treat, but may contain high levels of sugar. Dried fruits maintain their fiber content and are also easy to pack in your bag or lunch box. It is also a convenient snack for children with food allergies because they do not contain allergens that make them unfit for consumption.

Try giving your child a bag of dried apple chips at school, and you’ll see for yourself!

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