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Newton Discovers Apple Chips

You will surely have heard Newton’s story about how he discovered gravity.

We will tell you  about the day he discovered apple chips!

Like every single day, Newton sat under his apple tree waiting for another apple to fall on his head!!  He wanted to see another such gigantic idea like gravity.

So one day it happened again!! When an apple fell on his head, he thought that if he had it dried and crispy in a bag, it would be so delicious that we would have it everywhere with him!! More details on the following video!

~ THE FOLLOWING  is a product of fiction and is not based on real facts ~

Newton: Alexis Martzoukos

Video and Direction: Pedram Vossoughi

Scenario: Dimitris Tsamparlis

Sound Engineer: Nikos Thanasimos Xatzhs @ Secret Room Studios

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