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Semi – Dried tomato, is on sale again!

The organic semi-dried tomato is the product for which we decided to make the “Genuine Tastes” company. With our scientific methods, we serve you delicious summer organic tomatoes regardless of the weather, all year round.

An essential ingredient for every lover of Mediterranean cuisine, the semi-dried tomato Genuine Tastes comes to be introduced as “The new sun-dried tomatoes”. Their main feature is that they are ready for consumption, without the need for immersion in water or oil. Unlike traditional sun-dried tomatoes which are drier and harder. No salt or oil has been used in their preparation, with the result that our final product consists only of tomatoes. With a concentrated taste and aroma, they give the feeling to the one who tastes it that he is eating something fresh.

Like all products of the company Genuine Tastes, they are dried naturally, without additional preservatives. For example sulfur dioxide or some addition to oil, salt or dyes. The tomatoes are 100% of Greek origin, grown in fields, without pesticides or other chemicals. Through the special style of the company, we can and serve you juicy tomatoes that have retained about 25% of their moisture, while similar commercial products have only 12%. Our biological methods of processing and packaging are certified by the organization of DYO. Giving a life time from the day of their preparation.

Finally, our company offers it in powder form. Sun-dried tomato powder is a spice that is easily used as a flavor enhancer in salads, minced meat or fried foods. In this way it gives the consumer the opportunity to taste his food with the taste of Sun-dried tomatoes, easily at any time!


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