Christmass Box
Christmas Basket – Best of 2021
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Christmas Basket – Best of 2021

100% Greek Product


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The “Best of 2021” contains:

  • Organic Black Garlic 2 bulbs
  • Organic Semi-Dried Tomato 150gr
  • Organic Unsalted Olives 200gr
  • Red Apple Chips – 1 apple
  • Green Apple Chips – 1 apple
  • Luck 2021
Organically Processed

100% natural product without additives or preservatives

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This Christmas, give your loved ones a gift that is as unique as they are! This Christmas basket includes our most popular products of 2021, in a gift box, so you can thrill them with your love during this festive season. Organic Semi-Dried Tomato, Organic Black Garlic, Organic Unsalted Olives and Green and Red Apple Chips. Make your loved ones to want to snack over and over again!

Organic Semi-Dried Tomato

A great way to preserve summer tomatoes, which have been cut to their ideal ripeness and taste, all year round. With a more concentrated taste and aroma than fresh, a small amount of them can make their presence felt. As they are already very soft, they do not need to be soaked in water or oil before consumption, unlike traditional sun-dried tomatoes which are drier and harder.

Organic Black Garlic

Our only ingredient is Greek organic garlic which undergoes a slow ripening in controlled conditions. During this time, its main ingredient, allicin, oxidizes, changing its color to black. The intense taste and smell of garlic is replaced by a caramelized sweet umami flavor and a delicate smoky aroma reminiscent of truffle oil.

Organic Unsalted olives

Our organic unsalted olives are prepared only with hot air, without any additives and without brine and in taste they are compared only with “Hamades”. “Hamades” are olives that used to be eaten in the villages, where the fruit of the tree dries on the tree, in its natural environment.

Green Apple Chips

For those who always need a bag of “something-to-eat” for company. Crisp green apple, without additives, with the fewest calories it could have

Red Apple Chips

No added sugar or salt, no preservatives or other additives, thin and crunchy slices cut like a tornado. You will love it


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