sun-dried tomato 150g
Greek sun-dried tomato without salt – 150g
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Greek sun-dried tomato without salt – 150g

100% Greek Product


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100% natural product without additives or preservatives

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With our technical methods of high standards, we produce sun-dried tomatoes without the addition of salt or oil and with a shelf life of 18 months. These sweet and juicy sun-dried tomatoes will make you rethink what you knew about the taste of sun-dried tomatoes to date.

What is sun-dried tomatoes?

In the early 1960s, scientists in Italy began experimenting with the sun-dried tomato that took them 18 months to grow. And after four years of research, scientists have come up with sun-dried tomatoes, an extremely vulnerable product that with the addition of salt has been possible to store these tomatoes for a long time, maintaining its nutritional values. In the late ’80s, it started to become fashionable in American restaurants, until it got the reputation it has today (source )

How do we produce sun-dried tomatoes?

Our method of producing sun-dried tomatoes is as follows:

  1. Place fresh tomatoes in our fruit machine to clean them from the dust. The tomatoes are then cut in half with our automated tomato cutter and placed in our dryers
  2. Dry the tomatoes until you have a balanced moisture content of about 30%.
  3. Once the tomatoes have dried, pack them in packs of 150g, suitable for eating and pasteurization.
  4. The final stage is pasteurization of the finished product, giving 18 months of shelf life, without salt, oil or other additives or preservatives.

Where is the sun-dried tomato used?

Product lovers will tell you it fits everywhere! We’ll be a little more specific. Add them to your pasta, soups, salads, sandwiches, sauces and anything else that needs a burst of flavour. Serve them as a party appetizer – Make tomato sauce – Decorate a piece of pizza with them. – Cut some and pour them into a bowl of pasta

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