Sultana Raisins 200g ~ Naturally Dried

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If you are a nature enthusiast, these Sultana Raisins are the best treat for you. Made from Corinthian Sultana grapes picked at the peak of maturity, these locally grown amber-colored clusters are plumper, meaty and packed full of sweetness than ordinary raisins. That’s because fruit is suspended in a semi-dried state while it’s still juicy and alive.

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As a Corinthian based facility, Raisins couldn’t miss our production line! Our Sultana Raisins are made from locally grown Sultana Grapes, without additives or chemicals produced. Naturally dried, these sweet treats will get a place in your “snack cupboard” in your kitchen!

These Sultanas Corinthian Grapes are cut at the zenith of their ripeness. This means they are more inflated, more fleshy and sweeter than ordinary raisins. Without additives, we managed to keep the fruit in semi-dried form while it was still alive and juicy.

It is well known that grapes are called ‘happy creation of nature’. 100 grams of grapes yield 80kcal. They are rich in potassium, iron and vitamins A, B and C. At the same time their peel contains the valuable herbal component resveratrol. At the same time, they contain Flavonoids, also known as Vitamin P, which in addition to cardio-protective action, are used in the treatment of various infections. These Raisins contain no pits.

When you try them you will find out by yourself their rich sweet taste. They are the same grapes we use to produce our Semi Dried Grapes which is our innovative serving and decorating offer of many dining professionals. Especially for those who love cheese, this dish is the perfect suggestion for you!

An ideal combination is: Aged Cretan or Naxos Gruyere cut into cubes, a smoked cheesecake and a little blue cheese, like roquefort, for its few but fanatical admirers. In a bowl, put apricot jam and some chat centre. Extra tip: We try to add dried fruits such as walnuts or cashius

We are extremely confident that if you are going to taste it, there is no way that you will love it! So do not hesitate, try it and tell us your opinion!

Some lovely recipes with sultana raisins from BBC Food. Click Here!


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