A table full of Genuine Tastes

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The basket "A table full of Genuine Flavors" is ideal for you who want to get to know the products of our company
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The basket “A table full of Genuine Tastes ” is ideal for you who want to get to know the products of our company!

A combination of all the wonderful flavors we have to recommend you at a preferential price.

Combine your favorite dried Genuine Tastes with your everyday eating habits and skyrocket it! Figs with white cheeses is a favorite combination of many.

Combine your cold cuts with organic semi-dried tomatoes, sandwiches or pizza. Cut it into pieces and add it to soups or salads.

Combine the grape bunch with white wine on a cheese set or with almonds and nuts.

Put green apple chips in your green salad or keep an apple bag for with you on the ride!

Try the countless recipes with black garlic that have come out, or simply add it to your daily sandwich to make it delicious and healthy!

All products have only one ingredient – the fruit itself!

With our organic drying methods, certified by the organization DIO, we achieve the maintenance of fruits and vegetables, in a semi-dried stage if we wish.

This gives us a juicy and delicious result that is unlike any other! Dried fruit ready to eat, soft, jelly and full of flavor.

In the case of apple chips, after many experiments we can confidently present you with the crispest apple chips out there.

Biting it, you find it hard to accept that this product has nothing but apple. Without being fried, without additions of dyes, flavor or preservatives, this crunchy temptation is the easiest way to eat an apple a day!

Make your table “A table of Genuine Tastes”!


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