Christmas basket – Powder Power

100% Greek Product


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The “Powder Power” box contains:

  • Tomato Powder 50g
  • Black Garlic Powder 50g
  • Greek Garlic Powder 50g
  • Black and White Garlic Powder 50g
  • Christmas tree
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Make your loved ones’ Christmas sweeter this year with a gift from Genuine Flavors. Our Christmas basket is accompanied by all the spices you need to make every dish taste like a winter wonderland: White Garlic Powder, Black Garlic Powder, Sun-dried Tomato Powder and White and Black Garlic Powder. Use them in simple or even more complex recipes to add this special touch of love this holiday season.

White garlic powder

Made from Greek Garlic in very mild processing conditions, white garlic powder has retained the smell of fresh garlic and its oils. With a dessert spoon corresponding to a clove of garlic, you can easily add it to your recipes and give them the spark they need!

Black garlic powder

Don’t evetn think twice about adding black garlic powder to your green salad or as an ingredient in dip. Add it to your grills, to any breading and to your seafood. It will accompany your pasta and sauces great Mix it with oil in your dressing. Add it during cooking or on your plate before serving. One tablespoon is about a clove of garlic.

Sun-dried tomato powder

Easily add a little Mediterranean flavor to your dish simple and easy. To fill this jar we used about half a kilo of tomatoes.
It is said that Greeks eat more tomatoes than any other European country. Let’s make it easier for them with sun- dried tomato powder!

White and black garlic powder

Made from Greek garlic, this combination contains all the scents of white and black garlic, all the peculiarities of both, all their flavors in one.

Make the ultimate gift these holidays to your loved ones who like gastronomy with the Christmas basket Genuine Tastes.

See the Linguini recipe with Beetroot Cream and Black Garlic here!


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