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accompaniments for wine

Wine Accompaniments – Your 3+1 Top Picks

Accompanying for wine, the snacks that come to perfectly complete its enjoy. Wine is always our first choice for holidays, meetings with our friends at home, but also our personal moments of relaxation. However, the wine, depending on its type, must also be accompanied with the appropriate dishes, so as to lead to a perfectly […]

apple chips

The ultimate on-the-go snack!

One question surrounds many of us and is as follows: “What am I supposed to do with my munchies?” DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! WE HAVE A SNACK THAT IS A HEALTHY & TASTY SOLUTION! When the marathon of episodes begins, we can’t help but chew something tasty. Put the fried potato chips down! Throw away […]

Newton Discovers Apple Chips

Newton Discovers Apple Chips

You will surely have heard Newton’s story about how he discovered gravity. We will tell you  about the day he discovered apple chips! Like every single day, Newton sat under his apple tree waiting for another apple to fall on his head!!  He wanted to see another such gigantic idea like gravity. So one day […]

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