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Our product “OLON SERIES – GREEN APPLE CHIPS” was distinguished with a maximum of 3/3 stars, in the Blind Tasting Competition of 7tH EXPOTROF

Through a process, where tasting judges rate without knowing what product they are consuming, our apple chips received three stars, the highest distinction in the competition.

The purpose of this process was to show the level of development of the Greek food.  At the same time, it recognizes the effort of Greek producers to create products that highlight the richness of Greek food and flavors.

So, through the blind tasting process the “Olon series – Green Apple” recognized their quality organoleptic characteristics and were awarded.

Our apple chips are the perfect snack for the fast pace of our daily lives. Suitable for those who exercise or care for their diet.  For those who prefer to “pinch” a fruit, with nothing added. Something healthy for the “munchies”

The bag inside contains an entire apple (green or red) and those who have tried it understand why we are called “Genuine Tastes”!

With no extra preservatives, no added salt or sugar, our product perfectly represents the philosophy of the company.  That is, the processing of fruits and vegetables in such a way that the end result retains its authenticity with at least 12 months shelf life.

Made from Greek raw materials, our fruit chips are our suggestion for a healthy snack for the whole family.

Find them in your neighboring delicatessen shop or order them from our eshop if we do not distribute in your area yet.
It’s just an apple, but after the first bite you will feel lazy with your diet!

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