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Why do we make Christmas presents? 3 selections from Genuine Tastes

As Christmas is something that was celebrated by the early Christians in Rome, it is believed that the offering of christmas presents began during this period. It started as a way to show gratitude to each other, especially to those who were less fortunate than others. This tradition became popular throughout Europe and eventually spread to America from the European immigrants. Today, many people exchange Christmas presents, not only because they feel obligated but simply because they enjoy doing so!

The main purpose of giving gifts is to show our love and appreciation for someone else. Everyone has received and given gifts special occasions such as anniversaries or important business moments. We all know that it felt just as good when we received a nice gift as giving one.

Christmas baskets

The joy of Christmas has been celebrated for centuries, but the meaning of the day has changed over time. Initially, it was a celebration of the birth of Jesus on December 25. Nowadays, it is more of a family celebration – with some people even associating Christmas with Santa Claus. Regardless, the holiday season is full of joy and happiness, waiting for a new year and a new beginning with it! An era of happy people and gift exchanges.

If you are thinking of making Christmas presents with special traditional products this Christmas, we have three suggestions for you. Whether it is corporate gifts, or even gift baskets for your favorite foodies friends, we have three suggestions to keep even the most demanding palate satisfied!

Basket 1: Powder Power

Containing all our spices, this christmas basket can make every dish taste like a winter wonderland!

White Garlic Powder, Black Garlic Powder, Sun-dried Tomato Powder and White and Black Garlic Powder. Use them in simple or even more complex recipes to add this special touch of love this holidays.

Basket 2: Best of 2020

Our most popular products for 2021 are contained in this gift box, so you can excite your loved ones during this festive season. Organic Semi-Dried Tomato, Organic Black Garlic, Organic Unsalted Olives and Green Chips and Red Apple Chips. Make your favorite people want to snack over and over again!

Along with Christmas New Years Eve always follows ..

..and we welcome 2022 with open arms and wide open eyes, knowing that this will be a year of great changes. With new products to present to you, our brand is bigger than ever and that is why we send a lot of love to our supporters! We are very happy to be here with you and we hope you enjoy the new additions to our store because we are really proud of them. A small introduction of these is made in the next gift basket ..

Basket 3: Dried Gigabox Fruit

2021 was a year when we came in contact with several different materials than we were used to. Inside this basket is everything you need for a Christmas table, figs, plums, apple chips and raisins. For all your kitchen creations, peeled black garlic cloves, tomato powder and white and black garlic powder are also included. Clearly, raisins on the vine could not be missing from this basket, to frame a nice festive plate of cheese.

But let’s stick to our new products that we are about to launch in the new year, which is just the beginning of a series of products that will follow during the year and you will find in this combo box

Organic Dried Banana from Crete.

Her curves were so amazing that we did not want to cut it into slices. We dried it whole and fit four of them in a jar. Juicy with a jelly-like texture, a sweet delight that melts in your mouth. Amazing raw material of very high standards, it is a snack that is worth trying

Organic Dried Plums from Corinth

Available in limited quantities, we have dried these plums with the method of semi-drying that we follow in the rest of our fruits. Soft and ready to eat, these organic Corinthian plums are a delicious and healthy snack. Packed in convenient resealable bags, these prunes provide a good source of fiber and nutrients and can be consumed as is or added to your favorite blend. The only ingredient is organic Corinth plums, dried without additives or preservatives.

Peeled Cloves Black Garlic

The new addition to our products, our Black Garlic, cleaned, ready, for those who prefer bon fillet to something. Rich in powerful, heart-healthy antioxidants, they have a deep, characteristic taste. Absolutely no peeling or cleaning is required.

Last but not least, raisins on the vine and our semi-dried figs from Corinth, a Christmas cheese plate essential.

Whether you are looking for corporate gifts or Christmas gifts in general, excite your recipients with the best dried fruits in the industry.

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