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World Diet Day – Celebration of good food

World days are very dear to all of us. Just like World Peace Day and World Love Day, so is World Diet Day!

Genuine Tastes is primarily focused on supporting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. All of our foods are 100% natural without any added preservatives, resulting in a delicious taste.

The modern lifestyle is characterized by stress, anxious and fast paces.
We have all started our day by the alarm clock, running to make coffee and a breakfast to cope with our daily routine. Coffee is a dear beverage, but have you tried a handful of semi dried Aronia to get your day started? It is now possible to enrich your breakfast in such a way that your day starts full of energy. Add to your diet Miss Aronia by Genuine Tastes, which is considered the most antioxidant berry in nature. It is known to normalize blood pressure and help fight hypertension.

At the same time, it is understood that a balanced diet that contains all the necessary elements strengthens the human body. One of the most famous proverbs in our country is “one apple a day the doctor puts it away”. Our personal goal is to promote healthy eating. For this reason, we dry juicy apples, making them crunchy and delicious, to eat them with pleasure every day!
The Olon Series apple chips are now available in red and green apples to satisfy both sweet and sour flavors. It contains nothing but the fruit itself, washed, cut and dried. It is in a sachet so that anyone can take it with him without being a burden on his daily activities. Easily transform the unhealthy habit of snacking on something that destroys our daily diet into a pleasant and healthy habit!

In conclusion, we would like to point out that taking care of our bodies and what we eat is crucial to our quality of life. We, as Genuine Tastes, strive to support it as best as possible and help you enrich your diet with healthy and delicious food!

Recipe of the Week:

Dried Fruit Salad:

Take a bowl and put:

1 bag of apple chips
100 g raisins on the vine
3 figs, sliced
Anyone who wants a sweeter taste can add 2 tablespoons of honey.

Have a great time!

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