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Wine Accompaniments – Your 3+1 Top Picks

Accompanying for wine, the snacks that come to perfectly complete its enjoy. Wine is always our first choice for holidays, meetings with our friends at home, but also our personal moments of relaxation. However, the wine, depending on its type, must also be accompanied with the appropriate dishes, so as to lead to a perfectly pleasant and balanced dining experience. But what are the ideals that will perfectly suit our wines, but also our flavors? Discover them through the text we prepared for you.

1) Cheese with Organic Semi-Dry
Fig Among the most common accompaniments for wine is cheese. As a general rule, note that the more intense the taste of the wine, the more it must be the cheese you choose.

  • For red dry wines prefer hard cheeses such as graviera and parmesan. Thus, their taste will not be lost by the intensity of the wine
  • For rosé and white dry wines choose white cheeses such as myzithra, manouri and anthotyro, due to their milder taste
  • For sweet and semi-sweet wines we recommend blue cheese, which will masterfully balance their sweetness on the palate.

In any case, do not “overdo” it with the quantity of cheeses, as not only will they not fill you up, but they will also “fill” you with unnecessary calories and fat. Accompany the ideals with dried fruit. Our suggestion is the Organic Semi-Dry Royal Fig of Genuine Tastes which will give you a delicious feeling of coolness after the oiliness of the cheeses.

2) Cold cuts along with Organic Semi-Acute Tomato
Another worthwhile suggestion in accompanying wines is cold cuts. In their case, the stronger the taste of the wine, the more it must be the cold cuts that accompany it.

  • For red dry wines prefer cold cuts with robust flavours such as ludza, ham, liver pate, or Frankfurt sausages
  • For rosé and white dry wines we recommend mortadela or peppery ham
  • For sweet and semi-sweet wines choose cold cuts with a more neutral taste such as turkey.

On the platter with your cold cuts you can also add Organic Semi-Acute Tomato of Genuine Tastes, a Mediterranean note that will give them extra flavor.


3) Nuts together with dried raisins or grapes
The suggestions in wine accompaniments could not be missing the nuts. It is one of the most beneficial foods, rich in nutritional value.


+1) Apple Chips
In Greece, when we talk about chips, we mean crisps. However, potato chips are not a recommended option in wine accompaniments, as they have no nutritional benefit and are high in calories. By contrast, apple chips are a super healthy snack without calories, preservatives, sugar or salt, with an authentic and crunchy flavor that makes a difference.

  • For red dry wines, sweets or semi-sweets you can choose Genuine Tastes red apple chips in XL size for maximum enjoyment
  • For rosé and white dry wines we recommend green apple chips from Genuine Tastes, again in XL size. Compared to red apple chips, they’re sweeter.

For maximum enjoyment, place the apple chips in the freezer for 3 to 4 minutes before being consumed with your wine.

The best accompaniments for wines are dried fruit!
Dried fruit along with cheeses, cold cuts or nuts; Or are they alone? If you are looking for the healthiest and most quality accompaniments for wine, then Genuine Tastes suggestions are your choice. The company was founded in 2013 based in Kiato Corinthia and specializes in organic fruit and vegetable drying offering the most quality dried agricultural products:
No chemical additives
With their genuine taste unchanged
Shelf life at least 12 months after preparation.
Place your orders online now through the or visit your nearest partner store and… “Good pleasure”!

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