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White garlic powder, from Greek Garlic, full of taste.

Kitchen virtuosos will tell you that no spice compares to fresh garlic. Having the fragrant grated Greek garlic powder ready to serve you is definitely something that is needed!

Made from Greek Garlic in very mild processing conditions, white garlic powder has retained the smell of fresh garlic and its oils. With a tea spoon corresponding to a clove of garlic, you can easily add it to your recipes and give them the spark they need!

In addition to its characteristic taste and smell, garlic is a versatile drug with great value and useful elements for the body. Garlic allicin, which has a strong antimicrobial effect, is known for its preventive action against the common cold. It is known to enhance the growth of natural flora, while at the same time killing pathogenic microorganisms. Due to the antioxidants it contains it is believed to promote longevity. In general, garlic in our lives is treated as a medicine that strengthens the immune system, lowers blood circulation and reduces stress.

  • Make delicious bruschettas with a little oil and garlic powder in the oven
  • Put it on your eggs in the pan while it is still cooking. Try adding grated cheese and sun-dried tomato powder
  • Add extra flavor to your tzatziki with a few tablespoons of garlic powder in your existing recipe.
  • Combine it with the cream in your spaghetti and with red tomato sauce and pepper