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Ceviche with an essence of black garlic

In this post we will tell you about the origin of ceviche as well as a recipe that we suggest you try with our black garlic! The History of Ceviche – Where it comes from The first to mention ceviche in print was the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro. In his book “In Quito In The […]

τρεις ευκολες συνταγες

Three easy recipes with Genuine Tastes

Three easy recipes to upgrade the taste of your dishes today! Everyone loves food but not everyone loves cooking! With Genuine Tastes products, we’ll help you bring out the chef you’re hiding inside. Home cooking is fashion everywhere right now. And why wouldn’t it be? We are all so busy nowadays that it is comforting […]

Linguini black garlic

Linguini recipe with beetroot cream, tuna and black garlic

For the linguini recipe with beetroot cream, black garlic, tuna, zucchini, capers and feta we will need: 1 pack of linguine (total) * 3-4 green zucchini Kapari Feta Anise Rakomelo or brandy 2 cloves Black garlic Genuine Tastes Fish dough or 1 cube of vegetables 3 tablespoons turmeric 1 lime Salt and pepper For the […]


A different kind of burger, by Genuine Tastes

Are you ready for a different burger? Do you like burgers, but are bored with the classics? Genuine Tastes is here to offer you a recipe that the black garlic among with chickpeas play the leading role, not a beef. Remember how beneficial it is to our health? If not, it doesn’t matter! Here are […]

Black Friday as we say Black Garlic?

This week, prepares us for the Black Friday countdown! For those who don’t know it, Blck Friday is the unofficial name of the day following Thanksgiving in the US. The day that is considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Attempts have been made by retailers to introduce “Black Friday” to other countries around […]

black garlic

Black Garlic – A new delicious superfood

Greek Cuisine and Black Garlic Although there are many commonalities among Greek gastronomic traditions it is difficult to establish a representative list of dishes. An essential ingredient of our cuisine is garlic, which is known both for its taste and for its medicinal properties. But what happens when white garlic turns black naturally?   What is […]

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