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Why do we make Christmas presents? 3 selections from Genuine Tastes

As Christmas is something that was celebrated by the early Christians in Rome, it is believed that the offering of christmas presents began during this period. It started as a way to show gratitude to each other, especially to those who were less fortunate than others. This tradition became popular throughout Europe and eventually spread […]

Factor of raisins in Greece

The raisins from Ancient Greece to raisins on the Vine today

Raisins: The Benefits of Dried Fruits and the Different Types to Add to Your Diet Dried raisins are the perfect healthy snack. They’re sweet, full of flavor, and just the right amount of chewiness. They also have a bunch of health benefits that make them worth including in your diet. But how did this dried […]

Ceviche with an essence of black garlic

In this post we will tell you about the origin of ceviche as well as a recipe that we suggest you try with our black garlic! The History of Ceviche – Where it comes from The first to mention ceviche in print was the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro. In his book “In Quito In The […]

dried fruit

Dried food. Method of preservation since ancient times

Drying Food from Antiquity Food preservation methods have been used since the beginning of time to preserve food for future use. There are many ways people have discovered to keep food and drink safe from bacteria and lesions. These methods range in complexity from simple ones, such as sun drying or salting, to advanced ones, […]

τρεις ευκολες συνταγες

Three easy recipes with Genuine Tastes

Three easy recipes to upgrade the taste of your dishes today! Everyone loves food but not everyone loves cooking! With Genuine Tastes products, we’ll help you bring out the chef you’re hiding inside. Home cooking is fashion everywhere right now. And why wouldn’t it be? We are all so busy nowadays that it is comforting […]


Chicken in the oven with stuffing of dried figs

Runtime: 150′ Servings: 8 Degree of difficulty: Moderate   Chicken in the oven filled with dried figs, a unique recipe that will become your favorite. Its characteristic smelly taste will be truly unforgettable to those who are lucky enough to enjoy it. It is ideal for both your Sunday and festive tables along with friends […]

accompaniments for wine

Wine Accompaniments – Your 3+1 Top Picks

Accompanying for wine, the snacks that come to perfectly complete its enjoy. Wine is always our first choice for holidays, meetings with our friends at home, but also our personal moments of relaxation. However, the wine, depending on its type, must also be accompanied with the appropriate dishes, so as to lead to a perfectly […]

apple chips

The ultimate on-the-go snack!

One question surrounds many of us and is as follows: “What am I supposed to do with my munchies?” DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! WE HAVE A SNACK THAT IS A HEALTHY & TASTY SOLUTION! When the marathon of episodes begins, we can’t help but chew something tasty. Put the fried potato chips down! Throw away […]


Sweet truffles with dried fruits!

Others call them truffles but again energy balls, no matter how you say them …. are a wonderful snack !!. They are full of flavors and aromas. Choose delicious dried fruits without sugar and additives and take off their taste. Materials: A package of dried green apples without sugar @gnisiesgefseis 95 grams of semi-dried organic […]

Ημίξερη τομάτα

Semi – Dried tomato, is on sale again!

The organic semi-dried tomato is the product for which we decided to make the “Genuine Tastes” company. With our scientific methods, we serve you delicious summer organic tomatoes regardless of the weather, all year round. An essential ingredient for every lover of Mediterranean cuisine, the semi-dried tomato Genuine Tastes comes to be introduced as “The […]

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